Our Waist Beads are a great way to help promote healing by using 100% natural crystals and colorful beads. Our beads also have chakra benefits to help you correct and clear blocked energy. Let’s encourage vibrational energy and bring positive awareness to align your mind, body, soul, and spirit.


Waist beads are a great tool to support your fitness journey as you adorn your waist. Instead of using a scale, your waist beads help to keep track of your goals. As your beads begin to loosen, it’s a sign that you are shedding inches off your waist. If you overeat, your beads will feel tight and uncomfortable.

Waist Beads are a great way to embrace your inner beauty as it accentuates your waist. We want you to embrace your body and accept the changes resulting in a positive body image.

Would You Like A Free Measuring Tape

Congratulations on your new journey with Culture Beads Collection. When taking waist measurements for the first time, please keep in mind that if you are using the beads to support your fitness journey, the beads will begin to fit loosely as you shed pounds. Remember, each of our journeys ARE different, and results come from hard work and dedication.